My Muse

My Muse

Saturday, June 28, 2014


Please follow me now on my new blog.  MY TRAVEL BLOG  I'll be doing art and info on there as well.

Also I'll be sending out periodic newsletters. "NOT ON THE BLOG". For that "inside" info/ hahaha.

So, onward and upward!!!!


Thursday, May 8, 2014


Writing on two blogs now has my eyes To read about this sweet, loveable person, ;-) you can go TO THIS LINK

Yes, it's me...Living the Artist's Dream before I knew I would actually be doing it!!! 

If you like you can follow me over there. I'd love it. Thanks.

Warmly, Sheila

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


"Here's Looking At You"
Oil on Copper 6" x 6"

Today I went painting again with friends. A beautiful home in Grant, Florida. So much to look at we were all overwhelmed with the beauty!  I had this guy staring at me and chatting noisily all morning.  Probably telling me to get his good side.

So, I started my travel blog.  Living The Artist's Dream  You'll see it in the upper right hand corner of the blog.  I'd love you to join that one. It's the journal of emptying out a house, searching for the "perfect RV" and painting in between. Oh and the dogs!!

My goal on the road? To visit each and every one of you.. (Kidding) No, to get enough followers so maybe we can get sponsors to help us on our journey. We will be living on SS and income from painting on the road. Scary and exciting. And not to do it would be my biggest regret. So, off we go!!! 

(if I ever get the house emptied) 

Warmly, Sheila

Friday, May 2, 2014


I think it's bit boring not to have a photo up of something don't you? This is an 8" x 10" of an old soul. I went to a friends house to plein air, (painting outdoors) last year and she made the most incredible lunch. I told her I'd paint her dog. Hopefully if the weather doesn't act up I'll be seeing her this coming Tuesday so I can give her this.

So, The travel blog.  My friend and studio mate, Lou  and I tried to think of names and domains for my travel blog. Rolling brushes was one and I tell you we laughed until tears came. Finally we came up with "Living The Artists Dream" . It will be about Roger and my art and photography and of course stories about our travels in the Rv living with 2 Labradors and a Newfie/

How is it going? Allot faster if I'd get my butt in gear and shovel the house out. Man, the stuff we hold onto.  Did I really need to save every piece of paper from 6 years ago selling on Ebay? Shredder here we come.

Then the decision of what to buy.  We have a budget. We are looking at older RV's since they are broken in and hopefully have their kinks out of them but then again, hopefully not ready to fall apart!

 We did see one a few weekends ago. Ok, brand new. Only, (Hahaha) 149,000.00. I fell in love. It was a Fleetwood Excursion 35b. You so need to google it just to see the layout inside.  Perfect color flooring for dogs , a breakfast bar with stools for me and my laptop or coffee, comfy couch, a real refrigerator great bedroom and, the thing I totally loved, a little window in the front door for one of the dogs to look out of. Or for Roger to see if he's running over anyone!  Oh MR. Fleetwood, for Christmas I would really LOVE one of these..Christmas in July. sigh.

Now you know our budget isn't there. sigh.  We will find the perfect RV just for us!!

We are spying a 2002 Holiday Rambler Endeavor which I have already said we'd name "The Shuttle" . If it's meant to be it will still be available after I unload all the cr..I mean the good household stuff.

We are looking at systems for purifying water if we were by a river. Also compost toilets and solar power. Our plan is to boondock when we can. That's being in a place with no electricity or sewer, lets say desert!! You want to be self contained . I am excited!!!

Wow, allot of words today!!!  So as soon as I get the travel blog up and running I'll keep posting here to give you updates. It's getting closer!

Warmly, Sheila

Tuesday, April 29, 2014


"Castaway Park" In Between Palm Bay and Melbourne, Florida

Getting closer to us getting our RV and traveling and painting. Nervous? Sort of but I think it's an excited nervous. My biggest thing was, what if I can't paint outdoors.  I have all my equipment, paints etc and I'm ready.  

Today I knew some friends were plein air painting at this park that's on the way to my studio. I first drove by then thought, why not stop and say hi.  I have my box and tripod in the car and everyone said I could use their paints.  Once I made the decision, I set up and drove to my studio and got my paints and started to work.  It was about 90 degrees but I was excited about what I accomplished! 

"Castaway Park" is 6" x 6" oil on copper. Framed .
$350.00 FRamed in a black wood 3" wide frame with gold trim
 My Etsy Shop

I'm hoping my Etsy shop will be the go to shop when I'm on the road.

I'll keep you posted when we get to buying our RV!!!

Monday, March 24, 2014


Hmmm. Dancing chairs?  Roger keeps saying in order for us to get going on our adventure, everything has to go! So, I started Adoptable artwork on my web site. It will be older art from years ago before I became a "Rockstar"  (don't you love it!!!)

This was painted in 1998 using my maiden name so it's signed S.Farrell.  I would love to keep it but it's needs a good loving home! 28" x 28" x 1" framed in a painted Lattice wood frame.  Here's the link.  OR, I will consider any offer.


The search continues. Paying off Credit cards! Very exciting. Stocking up on paint...(probably counter productive on that one..sigh) Working on the small book of Lola and The boys Adventure. Their look at this crazy journey through their eyes!

Ok, back to work with me....have a great day!!


Thursday, March 13, 2014


Oh my Sheila....what a surprise!! New color palette and painting plein aire!  

I took a one day workshop with Nancy Medina. Oy my!!! Nancy's website  What a day!  In a few hours of painting I learned so much and now totally hooked more than before.  You will find these on my website; Me!

Working on another daisy painting along with my commissions and fun things, but what more fun can this be!!

Looking daily at internet sales of RV's. Have our eye on one so lets see if the Universe is in agreement with what we think. lol.

A pic of what I'm working on floral wise....

Hopefully more tomorrow!! Have a great day, Warmly, Sheila