My Muse

My Muse

Monday, September 29, 2008

Welcome Fellow Travelers!!!!

Hi of now we have 20 travelers to Alaska. I will be giving you daily updates on what were doing to get ready (that could be boring) LOL...but when we actually get to Alaska..I think that is where the fun begins.

I have ordered the giclees of Passion so you wll be getting those shortly, and today I put deposit on a zoom lense so we'll be getting fun photos which I will also be posting here. It's OUR vacation adventure journey to Alaska.

Ray, our Labrafriend from Texas is taking us . Ray fosters Labs from HotLab rescue in Austin ,Tx and has had Mr. Shaq from puppyhood. He is now a beautiful, incredibly tall, black 16 year old. Ray and Shaq will get here in Florida about the 15th of October. Pictures will be posted of the grand arrival!! Shaq will stay here with Sophie, Fergus and Sammy while we travel. I have a great sitter that comes nights to stay over and Judy, my fantastic packer will be here during the days.

News from Ray today was that we may be able to meet the first woman dog sledder to win the Iditirod (sory..runnerup but still fantastic!!!!)while we are there. How exciting!!!! She is also a breast cancer survivor so we will be meeting a true Warrior!!!

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