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My Muse

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

And Now a Message From Our Sponser :-0)

> Hi! Ray here from Ray and Shaq fame

I'm sure many of you are wondering how did this whole Grand Alaska
Adventure thing start? Why in the world would someone in their right
mind invite (by the way I don't claim to have a right mind so maybe
that explains part of it) Sheila and Roger to come to Alaska with him
and then inflict them on some of his best friends?

Well as it happens I used to work for a company that flew Northwest
Airlines a lot and every month I got the statement of how many miles I
had and every month it got tossed without ever being opened up. I had
not flown Northwest in several years. Then about a month ago I
actually opened one up and looked at it. Holy Cow Batman I have
160,000 miles and they all expire December 31, 2008. Knowing that
there is no way that my work schedule will let me take 6 trips or even
3 trips I had to think up how to use these miles.

So my first thought was that last year I went and visited some great
friends in Alaska (where I lived in the 70's and early 80's) and had a
great time. They had these cool dogs called Nova Scotia Duck Trolling
Tollers that they let me take on trips during the day around
Anchorage. They also had a wonderful Tripod named Sophie who got to
come along as well. Dear Sophie has crossed the Rainbow bridge since
then and I am sure the place will not be the same without her but she
is not alone on her journey as my own beloved Zoe, Shasta and Nanda
are there with her.

Ok, so I have all of these miles and it looks like I can get to Alaska
but the only dates that work are leaving October 23 and coming back
October 28/29. You know those small print black out dates. You can
only fly when there is a full moon and Venus is in the southern sky
and there is a left handed guy riding a bike across the Golden Gate
Bridge. So great trip is planned but darn it all the most miles I can
use is 50,000 and that is flying first class. So I still have another
110,000 miles to go so I start looking around for people to go with me.
So I had to look at the best case/worst case scenarios. Best case is that the weather is great and I am traveling with people who are fun and we go out and do grand adventures and have a blast. Worst case we are stuck in a blizzard and need to create our own fun and grand adventures and have a blast. Well after careful consideration the only logical conclusion was to bring Sheila and Roger with me. They are fun to hang out with and are easy going and frankly if you have to be stuck indoors with someone they are fun people who are easy to get along with. So best case/worst case scenarios are taken care of. Roger of course has one of those jobs where you actually have to show up at an office so I advise him to just use my patented excuse that no one has ever
question. (Sheila Changed this part..too graphic..LOL). As luck would have it he was able to
massage things around his schedule and not have to resort to using it.

So there you have the story of how Sheila and Roger are going to
Alaska. Next week I will regale you with Ray's theory on traveling
and how to have fun no matter what happens. and how to use Carrots to
get what you want. Maybe there will be another story in between that
one and the start of the adventure then I will turn it over to Sheila.

Ray & Shaq

P.S. Everyone thinks that it was Susan Butcher who was the first lady to win the Iditarod. But she was not, someone beat her to it. And frankly Susan passed away last year so meeting her will be a bit tough. Though there are a couple of clairvoyants on Spenard Road in Anchorage that we could use to make contact if we it we have to. So go out on Google and see if you can find who I am trying to line up a meet and greet with.

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