My Muse

My Muse

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Ferry To Valdez

Right now I am on the ferry to Valdez. The ride here from Anchorage was great..good photos, saw mountain goats then it started to snow. Right now we are in the middle of Prince William sound, I know surrounded by incredible mountains but I can't see a thing,. LOL..We went up on deck and it was freezing cold and blowing snow and the deck was ice..I actually loved it. Pictures later when I can download them.

The ferry takes 5 hours to get there. For lunch we had peanut butter sandwiches and a great chicken us warm.

There is a man sitting in the booth behind us ansd I gave him my card with the Labs on it. Wouldn't you know he has a Lab! Perfect. He asked me to take his picture with the card so you all could see Bob from Alaska, who has a beautiful Black Lab! What an experience this is..I've never been on a boat in a snow storm. I had planned to do some watercolors to show you however all I'd be showing today is a blank piece of paper.

Another interesting thing was on the way to Whittier where we would get the ferry you stop before the mountain. The railroad train runs through there and it's also a one way road for cars. You arrive at a specific time and wait. When the light turns green you drive slowly through the longest thinnest tunnel I've ever seen. I did take a photo....later!!

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