My Muse

My Muse

Thursday, October 16, 2008

LOOK..I'm Painting

Oh my word..I'm painting. !!!! Taking care of Sammy, getting ready for the Alaska trip has had me overwhelmed to say the least. I am behind...sigh.but tomorrow will write my list and stick to it. I loved painting this today...24" x 48" . A challenge since I really haven't done many landscapes. But I see more coming.

Sammy stayed close by. His collar wouldn't make it into the studio so he slept on a pile of laundry by my door. Oh..did I mention I was behind on that too??? Ray is on his way starting tommorrow and I need to shovel out his room...LOL..

My Dr. said I have you think?? LOL... I'm sure everyone has some semblence of lists help...

Dinnertime is coming, a glass of wine and relax. Sam gets his hood off for awhile then back on and get ready for our 3am adventure.

Thanks for stopping by!!! Sheila

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