My Muse

My Muse

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Our Sammy

This is our Sammy. Tonight he is in the hospital. A few days ago I gave the kids the ends of corn on the cob. Sophie and Fergus chew...Sammy did not. After a few days of him being so sick, today the worst, I took him to the vets. The exray showed the cob in his small intestineand they operated. He's pretty sick, and I'm feeling so much guilt. The Vet said they'd see...48 hours will tell. Sammy is strong, young..focused, so I know in my heart that he will be home with us.
Please go to my ebay site..sophie316..and bid. His bill alone will be over and above what we have budgeted.. and any help for the Sammy Relief Fund would be so appreciative. I have 20" x 20" portrait being offered for 100.00...a total deal.
Ok..going to bed now because I'm missing him terribly.


suzette said...

i hope your sammy is okay. i love your pictures of him...

Sheila Wedegis said...

Thank you Suzette!! Your mewssage means alot to me!!