My Muse

My Muse

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Patriots lost and Sammy update

Sigh..Our team The Patriots lost. Who elase would I be rooting for from Boston!!! They'll bounce back. I have faith!

Sammy did well today. He doesn;t have the e-collar so it's alot of "no Lick" and dobs of hydrogen peroxide. He doesn't Like that but it does settle down the redness and swelling around his stitches. I'm also getting good at dobbing them while he sits. Tommorrow is a holiday so Tuesday if it's still looking off a bit I'll get one for him. A little late but better than none.

We just did our "route". Thankfully because now it;s pouring out. I do have the umbrella by the door but I'm telling you I won't be a happy camper wandering around in pouring rain at 3am.

Rain in Florida is like no other rain. There is no sprinkle to lead up to a heavier just goes into a deluge. The land is flat so it just keeps getting deeper so soon you are up to your ankles in water..oh yes..if you are near a fire ant hill they float and grab hold to you for dear life. I always thought in the cowboy and indian movies it was silly that they would strap a cowboy to an ant hill. OOOOOh. Well I have been attacked by fire ants and they swarm and bite at the same time. nasty.

Tommorrow I am back to painting!!!!! Shipping Tuesday along with prints. ordering more for our new adventurers...leaving on the 23rd. !!!! I am so psyched!!!!!

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