My Muse

My Muse

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Sammy On the Run!!

This is Sammy!!!! Behind the bushes is an old delapitated shed that lists to the front and right from hurricanes. We should have removed it a few years ago but.... For the past few weeks around 3am, the three kids bolt out the door and into the shed barking and scrambling. Sophie and Fergus come quickly but Sam focuses. This means I go into the back dark yard with flashlight and hose to spray it into the shed hoping the it's not some awful critter that will hurt Sam and the water may make him focus on me. sigh. Don't you all spend 45 minutes at 3am in your backyard??

This morning I heard Roger gagging and saying. Oh my's awful. Sophie, who loves to bring things in to guard on the couch brought in the half decomposed bird from the shed. Thankfully she dropped it on the tile.

I have been mopping, chloroxing, Febreezing and you can still get the faint scent.

So..the Artist living with Labs?? She is known to take power naps in the afternoon. :-)

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