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My Muse

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sammy's Backyard Path

The night went fantastic. He slept on my feet and legs and like a ggod Mum felt his every move. he had to go out around 3am so wearing my "dog tired" night shirt, massive bedhead, bare feet I hitched Sam to a 7ft lead and out we went. Oh..I forgot, I had my trusty LED flashlight that gives a cold blue-ish shine.

Since he's black and has stitches I didn't want him roaming alone and one of his favorite things to do is sit in the pool before he comes in.

I never realized he had a path and pattern. First we went to the right of the house, stopped at the corner and christened that area. From there we reentered the pool are and went to the far side with Fergus almost knocking me in the pool. Fergus is Sammy's guardian and is always with him. Now the voyage takes us back to the yard and behind the pool area which is bushes and trees with a path. We took the path up then turned and he takes the inner path BEHIND the bushes.

Caught the lead on his way out and around into the pool area and we picked up speed..woohooo..out the other door now a sharp right to the end by the gate. That's where we did serious sniffing and a christening. Why am I following him around at 3am you ask?? His colon hasn't started to rework as yet so we are waiting for the big movement so to speak. The Labragas will knock you out so it's soon.

Now I think..oh thank you God we are going back to bed...not before we take the run on the other side of the pool back through that door just to sniff the air...and NOW we head for the door to the house.

Settle back into bed and Sophie, who felt she didn't need to join us got up and her thing is to shake, go into the bathroom and close the door on her self. Then she starts to scratch the door.

Thankfully I wasn't in the really comfy spot yet. sigh.

At 6;30 Sammy started being figity so I felt his pain meds wearing off and it was time for another. We slept til 9am... I was awaken by a Black Lab wiggling his whole body with a tennis ball in his mouth!!! Sammy is home!!!!

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