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My Muse

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday in Valdez

The end of the Pipeline!!!!
Today we will be driving back to Anchorage and will actually see the pipeline. More photos tonight when we get back.!!

Pictures from the Ferry going into Valdez.

And Yes!!! Ice burg dead ahead!!!!

Bob from Alaska, Labrodite!!!!

Rebecca and Matt our hosts!

Entrance and tunnel from Whittier Through the mountain to the Ferry.

Well it's about 6:30am here. Yesterday we took the ferry to Valdez where we are now. We docked across from the oil refinery where the Pipeline ends and the freighters come in to collect the oil. Valdez is small but larger than some of the towns we saw. Nice houses since most of the workers live here. Surrounded by mountains they get about 50feet of snow here during the winter. Right now there is snow and icey roads...

I'll try and get some photos on now so you can see. One is the beginning of the tunnel to Whittier then inside the tunnel. Well this was backwards wasn't it!!! LOL

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