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My Muse

Monday, November 24, 2008

How Not To Start A Week!

Ok...The water heater went over the weekend...I dropped a favorite game I play when I want to be braindead and it broke. So what else could happen right??

This weekend Roger was working on a friends computer that he had set up for her. He placed it on the end of the glass dinning room table. The monitor was there, the keyboard, my decorations to the other side. I got a cup of coffee and went to sit on the living room couch to watch a bit of the Today show before I started my day. Walking by the table I put the remote on top of the tower so no one would steal it.

Fergus curled at my feet, Sophie took the chaise and Sammy for some reason got up and sat at the table. Not unusual for him. The next few moments were all in slow motion as I saw Sam put two paws on the glass table and start to raise himself up to see what was on top of the computer tower. The sinking scene from the Titanic came to my mind, the chairs sliding to the bow, the people trying to grab hold....Sammy froze, I froze...the sound was awful and the glass was everywhere. The Labs came right over to inspect but they know not to go near broken glass.

Sammy is being so very good right now giving me sad I'm really sorry Mum eyes when I walk by.

It's all good in the whole scheme of things. The computer was dead anyway...and no-one was hurt...and Thanksgiving will be interesting with us all sitting around a little bistro table. We;ll be a VERY close family!!! :-)

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Izze's Art said...

Oh my, what a way to start the day! Glad everyone ended up okay and sorry to hear about your table. I got a terrific buy at Goodwill for 39.99, dark wood top with a lime green antiquing on the bottom and three chairs...okay we had to buy a forth chair, but it's the best buy I think I've ever found.