My Muse

My Muse

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What To Wear???

This sad photo is the bottom of our 4 poster canopy bed. I rumaged all through the house to find the winter stuff. As you would imagine I just wear capris or shorts, sleeveless shirts and barefeet. Nights now are Sammy, Fergus and Blue ,our cat, Roger and I in the bed trying to figure what to bring to Alaska. "Do you want the dark blue jacket or the light blue??" "Well the brown one is longer so I may wear that.."

Sophie you ask?? She got her cookie and is curled up on her bed by the door or beside me on Fergus real bed.

Sammy's big fun then is to jump back and forth and watch the jackets swing. sigh. Had a flu shot and a pnumonia shot, picked up post cards and a traveling watercolor set. So that's all ready to go.

So am I painting you ask...I'm working on getting all my commissions finisihed before we leave. The shots have me a little under the weather but tommorrow will be a great day!!!

A note from Ray tommorrow..on how the adventure came to be.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Welcome Fellow Travelers!!!!

Hi of now we have 20 travelers to Alaska. I will be giving you daily updates on what were doing to get ready (that could be boring) LOL...but when we actually get to Alaska..I think that is where the fun begins.

I have ordered the giclees of Passion so you wll be getting those shortly, and today I put deposit on a zoom lense so we'll be getting fun photos which I will also be posting here. It's OUR vacation adventure journey to Alaska.

Ray, our Labrafriend from Texas is taking us . Ray fosters Labs from HotLab rescue in Austin ,Tx and has had Mr. Shaq from puppyhood. He is now a beautiful, incredibly tall, black 16 year old. Ray and Shaq will get here in Florida about the 15th of October. Pictures will be posted of the grand arrival!! Shaq will stay here with Sophie, Fergus and Sammy while we travel. I have a great sitter that comes nights to stay over and Judy, my fantastic packer will be here during the days.

News from Ray today was that we may be able to meet the first woman dog sledder to win the Iditirod (sory..runnerup but still fantastic!!!!)while we are there. How exciting!!!! She is also a breast cancer survivor so we will be meeting a true Warrior!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Labrador/ Alaska Journey Painting Offer


The Alaska or Bust Work Vacation" I am going on a work/vacation of a lifetime at the end of October. To Alaska the kindness of a great friend and of course a Lab Lover. This is the offer. For the cost of $40.00 you will receive a 9" x12" giclee of "Passion" (see my web site) with your certificate number on the back stating which participant order you are in. You will recieve an original painted postcard stamped from Alaska and from the pieces I do from my journey you will recieve an original oil. Size will be 14" x18" I will have them done before Christmas and according to your participant number you will be able to choose which painting you would like from my web site. For my fellow Lab lovers of course there will be a Lab in them...some without. . Hope you enjoy this wild fun idea.. 50 will be offered from this site. Act now!!Thanks, Sheila

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

New Work

We spent the two weeks glued to the TV watching the Olympics. How do the waterpolo guys ever do it.?? At 5 o'clock we hop in the pool with the kids and play ball with them. The game was really keep away but we called it Olympic Lab Waterpolo. This is Sophie getting ready to catch the ball. next time I hosey the shallow end!!!!
18"x 36" Bid starts at 99.99