My Muse

My Muse

Monday, May 18, 2009

An Artist Living With Three Labs and A CAT

A few months ago I had finished a painting for a client and Sammy, our youngest Lab chased Blue our Siamese Blue cat into the studio. Full steam ahead taking a corner and putting his foot into the canvas. There's no use screaming.. so it's usually a huge sigh and a "oh for Pete's sake" . I put the paintings then out back and occasionally I'll go look and see small tracks. The lizards. I can fix that easy. to the cat story. Never ever go to the beach with out checking if your devilish Blue is hiding in your studio. He loves to play and he did. Three paintings above are from a series of 10 for a client. I;m shipping this week and thanks to Blue working late to paint out the orange foot prints on the Lab faces. This time there was no sigh and no talking about Pete..use your imagination.!! LOL...
It's all part of the process. Enjoy.


Cindy Davis said...

so very nice!

I can't paint a dog to save my life. Took a comission last Christmas for one, finally GAVE UP, and begged her to hire someone else.

Your black dog portraits are wonderful.

Most non-painters do NOT realize how difficult it can be to capture the spirit and personality of a dog on canvas!

Sheila Wedegis said...

Thank you Cindy. I appreciate your comment. I think I may have nbeen a Lab in another lifetime..:-)

Edward Burton said...

These are wonderful, Sheila - I especially love the water scene - great composition.