My Muse

My Muse

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Found A New Freedom

This is our 8 year old Chocolate Lab Fergus. For his 8 years and 4 months, he has used the stairs to get into the pool and swim after the ball. Sammy, our 4 year old Black Lab jumps in like a mad man getting the ball first.

I guess Fergus just had enough of it and finally teetered on the edge. We yelled "Jump Fergus Jump!!!" He did and from that day on til now he has become a Lab with OCD of the pool. He flings himself in , picks up not one ball but two and comes in, drops it at our feet or on my lap and runs to position.

I had a couple of 7" x 3 1/2" gessoed masonite boards so I had to paint him in action. The other board of course will have him showing :splash down"

No slowing down for these Labbies.!! Thanks for stopping by chat tommorrow Sheila

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