My Muse

My Muse

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Lawn, The Pool and Benedryl

This is a portrait commission I just finished for a client. On Etsy they have something called Alchemy and the person can ask if you would do a portrait for a specific amount and I thought...hmm fun. This is Pax, The Greying Goddess. The client LOVES it.

So today I had a car so I got gas for the lawn mower. The back yard was looking alittle scary and when Sophie won't go in it you's time. Fergus follows the mower and I like a "super" and Sammy barks near hysteria because he knows I go in the pool after.

This morning, Roger dumped 3 gallons of chlorine in the pool. I was hot and the kids wanted to play. We play keep away with the Labs and they love it. Leaping in, swimming back and forth . Even Sophie comes in for this game. My eyes started to burn..duh..then Fergus started to sneeze non stop. Then Sammy started. Sophie, who never puts her head in the water came over with her big grin almost laughing at the sneezes.

Black noses you don't see the redness but poor chocolate Fergus nose was raw. Hosed them off with clear water feeling the guilt and called the vet, 50mg of benedryl should do the trick. Fergus is beside me now curled up as I write this..heading for the couch so he can cuddle.


Melody Lea Lamb said...

Wonderful painting of Pax. Poor puppies and chlorine, never occurred to me how it would affect them. Luckily my little pup is terrified of water and would never consider a dip in the pool.

Sheila Wedegis said...

Thank you! The kids are fine today but no pool time tonight.

2 Dog Studio said...

Hi Sheila! Beautiful painting and I'm glad everyone survived the chlorine and the meds helped. Have a great week!