My Muse

My Muse

Monday, June 29, 2009

Roscoe from Best Friends Animal Society

I have to say I love this painting. I just bought a pack of 10 Raymar medium cotton canvas wood panels 7" x 5". Absolutely fantastic to paint on and a great professional finish to them. I am hooked.!!

Being under the weather all last week I've been anxious to get back to "work" so today finished some commissions and did this piece for my Lab a day. You'll find Roscoes' story at

I use purples as shadows when painting Chocolate Labs. Not sure if they show up just right in this photo it's always difficult with computer screens to get the correct color. At least I seem to have issues. LOL.

My wonderful sister, Maureen, (English Major, teacher and one time actual editor) edited the beginning of the book I am working on showing all the Lab rescues I have painted in the past 6 months and their stories. A percentage of the sales will go to the Lab Rescues. It's exciting. If you have an interest please email me so I can let you know when it becomes available.

Time for a glass of wine. A good, good day!!!

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