My Muse

My Muse

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Swimming Yellows

Sunday. My hubby Roger has been away for a week and the Labs and I have been keeping each other company. The cat,Blue, too. He's coming home tommorrow so I better get the place a little organized.

I found Seth Godin's marketing book, "Permission Marketing" at a thrift store the other day for $1.00. I was thrilled. My plan is to mke this blog one of my Lab work plus how I work and more about me as an artist.

We've got pounding thunder and lightning right now outside so I'll make this short since we live in the lightning capitol of the world.

This painting is oil on canvas panel 7" x 5". I use Gamblin Professionl oils. They are rich in color and so delicious. (Going on the painting surface not eating. LOL)

Thanks for stopping by. Sheila


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