My Muse

My Muse

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Todays Work

Today is Thursday. Some guy keeps calling me on my cell non-stop to trim my trees. He said earlier he would be getting his licence for tree work back soon and a huge red flag started waving like crazy in front of me. LOL..he needs to read the book "Permission Marketing" by Seth Godin. Great book.

So my day in the studio went well. Worked on commission work and a new Saving a Lab a Day painting. He's really a Flat Coated Retriever but he needs a forever home so I painted him.

I also realized I am running out of oil paints. I squeezed, and I mean I rung, the tube of yellow medium to get the very last ooze out of it. Just enough to mix with my favorite color in the world to use, Pthalo Blue. It's a wonder strong blue, almost overpowering if you aren't careful and it also has a tendancy to get on everything. My nose, my clothes, the dogs, and , sigh, my only oriental small carpet in the living room. How???. We also have a cat.

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