My Muse

My Muse

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Mountain View

I painted this today thinking how nice it would to be with them. We were in the middle of pouring rain, massive thunder and lightning that would come out of no where and scare me. LOL.

I love painting what I call "The Spirit of the Lab" art and I would say this captures that wonderful spirit.

While I'm here I'll tell you if you sign up for our newsletter, (you didn't think the Labs would just let me chat did you??) I will be having "Not on the Blog" art. Once a week I will put on one or two pieces that you can grab for your very own. The piece will come with a free box of cards of the painting so it's really a fun deal. You'll get to read silly stories of the three Labs along with the "everything I tried to cure Sammy of his OCD" tips along with his seperation anxiety. Also included, my email so you can give me your tips.

Thanks for looking. This painting is on Archival RayMar canvas board.


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