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My Muse

Friday, July 10, 2009

Quick Story of Kindness

I just took Sophie with me for a walk to the bank. We haven't walked for awhile so I thought..a mile up a mile back. Not bad. Oh silly me. At first she was bouncing right along, in times ahead of me, smelling all the smells, seeing all the sites. We go over a canal and she stopped to look down at the waterway. Arrived at the bank and was excited to see someone we knew so that was fun for her. Now to walk home.

I forgot to bring my cell phone so to call my neighbor to say come rescue us was out. It seemed the day became hotter and Sophie slowed to a crawl. On the way home we do pass a rehab place and Sophie started to pull me in that direction. The poor girl, I even left water at home. A quick trip I thought. Two workers climbing down to work on the underground wires were there and I asked if they had any water for Soph. He not only got some water, he poured probably two glass fulls from their canteen onto her head to cool her down. I was so touched by their kindness to a dog. Good men!!!

We crawled home walking on everyones lawn so her feet wouldn't burn. It was all about Sophie at this point. If I could have carried her I would have and at one point I we go. She stood in the pool getting wet when we got here with me spraying her with a hose. She HATES being sprayed but then she turned so I could get the other side of her.

Soph's on the couch now soaking wet. It's microfiber and it will dry. It's all about her for the rest of the day, month, year..LOL..

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Cathi Isza said...

Sheila, Oh my gosh!! Seems like it's happening all over. I did that same thing with Emma on Monday. My school is 1.5 miles away. I thought "oh well, we'll kill two birds with one stone, walk and go to the bank." Noooo, it got so hot Emma kept laying down...Thank goodness for people with water. Two of my blogs talk of the same thing. Check mine out today a sad/happy story about Chance too. Glad you two are okay!