My Muse

My Muse

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pre-order Volume 1 in a Series of my Lab Art "Black Labs"

Yes...before I discovered blogging I was painting 3 to 4 paintings a day for sale on Ebay. I now have 3 years worth of images few people have even seen. Our friend was here this past week and said.."Why don't you do a picture book and share" So..I am now in the process of bringing these images to you.
I am starting with volume 1, yes volume 1 of "Black Labs" The book is 10" x 8" , 80 pages. I offer a hard cover book and a paperback volume.
I am in awe of how many paintings I have done. The Series then will go of course to Chocolates and then yellow Labs. Each copy will be signed by me.
Living with three Labs I believe my art work of Labs has captured like no one else their spirit. Their movement. This will also make nice gifts for the Lab lovers in your lives. Thanks, Sheila

Hard cover "Black Labs" $48.00 plus shipping

Soft Cover "Black Labs" volume 1 $38.00 plus shipping

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Izze's Art said...

Sheila! congratulations! this is wonderful news and I'm saving my pennies.