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My Muse

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Friday Roger still in Hospital Prayers needed

Ray here posting for Sheila.

Roger came home today after having two stints placed in his arteries on Tuesday. At first all was good, then all of a sudden he started getting very cold and sweaty.

Sheila quickly took him back to the ER where they are doing a EKG right now (5:30 EST). His blood preasure was fine but his heart rate is all over the place.

Sheila asks for Prayers. She has given so much to so many that please say some extra special prayers for our Roger.

Thursday Morning update:
Team, spoke with Sheila late last night. Roger is being kept in the Hospital over night. Signs point to some type of infection, though we will know more when a good doctor sees him on Thursday. Sheila was not impressed with the ER doctor in the least bit.

Thursday evening update:
Team, Spoke with Sheila at around 7pm EST Thursday. Roger had what is essentially an infection, so he is spending one more night at the Hospital just to be safe. But heart rate was good and blood pressure was fine. Sheila is understandably exhausted.

Friday 1:pm EST
Just got call from Sheila. They are still trying to figure out what the infection is. He is feeling better, but the little bugger won't break. They are in Radiology taking pictures to see if they can better isolate it. Sheila was on her way to get Coffee, I talked her into juice and a bran muffing ;)

As I hear from her I'll be updating this page.

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Sheila said...

Lots of prayers for Roger and Sheila and all those around them!!!