My Muse

My Muse

Monday, March 15, 2010

Great Promotion For my 2010 Project!!!

The 2010 Paintings of a Lifetime Project – New Donors Drawing!

Over the next six weeks we will be having a drawing each week for all new donors from the current week!

And at the end of our successful fundraiser effort, there will be a grand prize drawing for all donors!

The weekly drawing will be for an original pencil sketch (signed, framed and delivered) by me.

The grand prize drawing at the completion of a successful fundraiser will be a 4”x4’ original painting. All donors will be included in the grand prize drawing.

That means TWO chances to win!!! Plus all the goodies from being a donor.

Watch each week for more news on what sketch is being rewarded for the week. The grand prize drawing will be a surprise until the very end.

And if you have already donated money and want to donate more, you WILL be included in the weekly drawings.

I appreciate your support and enthusiasm for this project and want to share a little bit of great things to come as we get closer to the deadline!

So check it out, donate, comment, and make suggestions. My art is made possible by your creative and financial support!

With warm regards,


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