My Muse

My Muse

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Oh Where Oh Where....

I have a great little tripod for my Flip video camera. The other day I used it to make my video for my 2010 Project.

I removed it from the camera and placed it carefully on the table. It has now disappeared. My feeling is my trusted assistants, Sophie, Sammy and Fergus have "placed" it somewhere safe and they are not giving up that secret spot. Sigh. I'm feeling a trip to Staples today.

The Project is $260.00 from goal!!! I am amazed at people's belief in my abilities and overwhelmed at the support!! Thank you!! 40 days to go!!

If we have any Psychics out there please give me a hint where my tripod is. It doesn't want to be found..did I twist it's legs too much?

Off to the studio! :-)

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