My Muse

My Muse

Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Story Behind The Painting

I painted this afternoon. But you do that everyday Sheila. I do, and when I'm painting I jump up every few seconds to check email, to look out the window, to do something else I just thought of and while I'm doing that, I may see something that needs to go in the closet and end up trying clothes on. This year after 62 years i was finally diagnosed with ADHD which I have had all my life.
Working on my 2010 painting Project and writing the book, finishing way over due paintings for people and trying to keep up with the Lab Rescues and maybe something new, laundry, Labs etc...a few weeks ago I shut down. to my Dr to see what we could do. He gave me a script for a new drug for adult add and today was the first day I took it. I was nervous if I would change, how would I think? Would I loose me some where in medication??
I just want to say I am SO excited. I'm still me but when I do something now I don't think about email, I stay and do the painting. I think about what I'm doing, I'm having fun and using the abilities I already and confidently know. I said to my husband, "What would I have accomplished if I had been given the meds earlier in my life?" He replied, "Just think what you'll accomplish now!!"

So with that..even though this painting is called "Play Time" I secretly have named it "Victory!"

It's 10 x 8 x 1 on stretched canvas and 40% of the proceeds from the sale will go to Labradors and Friends in San Diego. To purchase go to

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Miriam M. Hughes said...

Your method of painting sounds like me when I do anything! I love your husbands remark! Staying focused is so hard and I take deep breaths and sometimes put the baby gate (that keeps the dog in the area) up just so it is too hard for me to move to another room. Living with Doug who is hyper-focused also helps me (I am competitive and need to be more focused but never will reach his level though), but I think I should get the name of that medication! : )