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My Muse

Monday, September 6, 2010

Celebrating Mercury In Retrograde During the Month of September

Mercury in Retrograde! Roger had been an astrology buff when we met so I learned alittle about the planets.  This past month of August my studio computer died, my phone was shut off, the tv shut off, Missed communication and computer failures.  I laughingly said."oh Mercury must be in retrograde" . Looking it up sure enough it was.  Electronics, communications,  all off. 

The planet doesn't go backwards but appears to do that. It's an illusion.  It's forever traveling forward. At one point it appears to even stand still.   I immediately connected with this feeling and decided to Celebrate Mercury for the month of September!!

You will find daily, paintings on my ebay site once again, with the starting bid of 49.00.  They are painted quickly, with freedom and alot of fun.  I guess I was being told to stop being so serious with every stroke, every choice of color. Have fun Sheila. !!!

So with that, please go to:

Thanks, Sheila

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