My Muse

My Muse

Friday, September 17, 2010


I think you all know the story of our Sammy eating a corn cob.  If I hadn't been an artist and wasn't able to offer an incredible deal for a portrait to people, Sammy would have died.
So many people are in this financial positon that an emergency with their pet would just put them over the edge. So many have had to choose to give their pets to a rescue for treatment.

So. I thought, what if a vets office had some sort of fund to help those pets.  With that in mind I'm starting the Sammy's Helping Emegency Fund and starting at our own Animal Medical Clinic here in Palm Bay, Fl!

This oil painting of a Lab having the time of his life jumping the waves is 10" x 8" on masonite panel.
30% of the proceeds will go to this fund.  As time goes on we'll be doing 50% to 100% of the proceeds. Dr. Thompson at the clinic, and savior of Sammy, knows of this.

At some point I'd like to extend this to other Clinics and maybe recruit other artists to join in this venture.
Thanks for helping to Save someones pet today!!

$280.00 plusS&H


Judy Mackey said...

Great idea Sheila. Over the years I'd found a lot of "dumped dogs" because I used to live near a lake - somehow people used to think that was OK to leave them out there and everytime I'd take the ones I'd rescued to my vet and he'd check them over to make sure they were healthy and to give them necessary treatments. He was such a kind vet that he'd give me a break on such visits. Vets are unsung heros!! You're doing a wonderful thing and this painting is beautiful! Bravo to you

Sheila Wedegis said...

Thank you Judy! I appreciate it!