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My Muse

Friday, October 1, 2010


This is a sleepy Chocolate Lab!  Afternoons are such a great time to use for naptime.

I absolutely love how this painting came out. Alot of love in it. Our Fergus is the model but the position was so typical of Labs. Legs drapping, arms and huge paws just near the edge.  I just purchased 10, 9 x12 masonite boards and found them to be so fun to paint on.  When the paint was semi-dry I used a "no see" color glaze over the entire piece. I chose a Cadmium orange and light yellow mixture to add highlights all over the painting. 

To explain "no-see" color, I take the mixture of oil paint and alot of painting medium.  I use Gamblins Neo-Meglip. I barely touch the brush to the paint then brush it lightly all over the piece.  Sometimes  an artist will do an entire painting in glazes as the old Masters did.  It gives such illumination to the painting with the underpainting shining through.

I am offering this fantastic oil painting in two options.  A buy it now , no frame or an installment plan with the painting beautifully framed. It will be framed by professional framers so it will be perfect for your home or a gift.

  $350.00  Not Framed  plusS&H

Art work Chocolate Lab/framed
Number of payments 3
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At checkout$140.00 USD
Every 3 weeks (x 2)$140.00 USD
Total $420.00 USD
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