My Muse

My Muse

Friday, October 8, 2010


A year ago almost to the day, we had plans to go to Heart of Texas Labrador Retriever Rescue's Night of Giving in San Antonio, Tx.    Tickets in hand, rooms ready.  I started to paint the Luke, The Fairmount Hotels Matre' D.

Roger became ill and had stents implanted so all trips were off.  The half painted image was shown and the owner of the hotel bid and won.  Well life takes hold and the poor painting was put aside.  Do I do this often?  No I do not.  Not really good for business.

The origianl image was obviously the yellow Lab and the background was roughly painted in with reds, and greens. There was a large barrel behind the head which I had planned to use as the dark against light area. Those are the rules.   

Well, next weekend is the 2nd Annual Hot Lab Rescue Night of Giving in San Antonio.  I picked up the paiece and started.  The feeling had changed and what flowed onto the canvas amazed me. 
I started to paint Luke laying in that texas heat.  Light to dark, I could do that with the limited color I chose.  In yellow Labs I use oranges, yellows, golds, and pinks with violet shadows.  I just continued with these colors in the background and when I was finished I knew why the year was needed. A whole new style had emerged and  I caught Luke laying in the heat perfectly! 

I actually love this oil painting.  I think the Fairmount Hotel will be too!!!


Heart of Texas Lab Rescue said...

Sheila, I love it and the Fairmount will too. I have four yellows at my house right now, and they'd all be proud to look as beautiful as Luke does in this painting. Simply beautiful. Thanks for all your hard work for helping to save all the wonderful rescue Labs across the country!!!Marcy

Anonymous said...

I love your art! I myself am a lab artist. I'm not nearly as good as you are (probably because I'm still a kid) but I have passion! I also have a blog about my art for all my friends and family to follow. They don't get to see me much but they want to see my art.

I was wondering if you'd check out my labs and offer me advice? I'd appreciate it! you are amazing! GO LABS! I have a Chocolate Lab named Sadie. I guess it isn't an orignal name but whatever. Anyway, this is the link to my blog/art.

mandigo said...

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