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My Muse

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Cherie Stannard

September 30th, Cherie Stannard was in an awful car crash which has l;eft her paralyzed from her shoulders down. To read this story please go to her web site.

Her best friend since childhood Elizabeth St Helaire Nelson, a fantastic collage artist, gathered a group of artists and we made a book.  All proceeds from the sale will go to Cherie.  With no health insurance, her family have moved to be with her to care for her night and day. I have a photo of her taken just this weekend and she has an incredible smile.! I'll post it as soon as I resize it.  Talk about positive energy!!!

Thanks for listening .Be safe this holiday season!

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Izze's Art said...

Thank you Sheila for sharing. Being one who too hasn't had insurance since the year 2000 I totally understand. My prayers and blessing to her and her family.