My Muse

My Muse

Thursday, September 23, 2010


I'm really pleased how this oil painting of a chocolate Lab sleeping came out today!  It's our Fergus who turned 10 yesterday.  Oh he still has oodles of energy in him, too much some days. He likes to take naps during the day so he can really go crazy diving into the pool when Dad comes home.  Non-stop!

Proceeds from the sale of this piece will be going to help the Labs at Lab rescue of Cincinnati.
To purchase and help save a Lab, please go to

Thanks for your friendship..I am grateful for all of you! Sheila

Friday, September 17, 2010


I think you all know the story of our Sammy eating a corn cob.  If I hadn't been an artist and wasn't able to offer an incredible deal for a portrait to people, Sammy would have died.
So many people are in this financial positon that an emergency with their pet would just put them over the edge. So many have had to choose to give their pets to a rescue for treatment.

So. I thought, what if a vets office had some sort of fund to help those pets.  With that in mind I'm starting the Sammy's Helping Emegency Fund and starting at our own Animal Medical Clinic here in Palm Bay, Fl!

This oil painting of a Lab having the time of his life jumping the waves is 10" x 8" on masonite panel.
30% of the proceeds will go to this fund.  As time goes on we'll be doing 50% to 100% of the proceeds. Dr. Thompson at the clinic, and savior of Sammy, knows of this.

At some point I'd like to extend this to other Clinics and maybe recruit other artists to join in this venture.
Thanks for helping to Save someones pet today!!

$280.00 plusS&H

Saturday, September 11, 2010


I designed and Roger coded and together we got my Lab art web site up and running today!! So please take a peek and let me know what you think!
Thanks, Sheila

Thursday, September 9, 2010


He sits on top of the screened in pool enclosure and watchers the Labs swim.  He's our cat, Blue Kitty Kitty.  Blue likes Sophie but just tolerates Fergus and Sammy. Fergus more. Sammy is a prey driven, ball driven boy so Blue has learned finally not to scurry like a rodent.  We have a had a few close calls but still at night, Fergus, Sammy and Blue are all in our bed together.

This is oil on stretched canvas 10" x 8" x 1".  Proceeds from the sale of this oil painting will be going to Lab Rescue, Oklahoma. To see this piece and take it home please go to:

Blue thinks it's a good thing to help Save Labs!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Celebrating Mercury In Retrograde During the Month of September

Mercury in Retrograde! Roger had been an astrology buff when we met so I learned alittle about the planets.  This past month of August my studio computer died, my phone was shut off, the tv shut off, Missed communication and computer failures.  I laughingly said."oh Mercury must be in retrograde" . Looking it up sure enough it was.  Electronics, communications,  all off. 

The planet doesn't go backwards but appears to do that. It's an illusion.  It's forever traveling forward. At one point it appears to even stand still.   I immediately connected with this feeling and decided to Celebrate Mercury for the month of September!!

You will find daily, paintings on my ebay site once again, with the starting bid of 49.00.  They are painted quickly, with freedom and alot of fun.  I guess I was being told to stop being so serious with every stroke, every choice of color. Have fun Sheila. !!!

So with that, please go to:

Thanks, Sheila