My Muse

My Muse

Monday, December 12, 2011


    I must have chatted with my friend Miriam Hughes 100 times today. She is also an artist and at times we bounce ideas off each other. On the last call she mentioned she was going to start doing small paintings for Christmas gifts and a light bulb went off.  I have three 8" x 10" Arches watercolor panels.  Hmm, and a bottle of gold ink I long forgot. So, draw with pencil? No, I always do that. Pen? No, it may smudge. Paint? All the time.
   We had Chinese food last night and on the table, the end chewed by Ozzie, was a chopstick. Hmmm. Hey, if I chisel the end and use that as a pen, that could be fun. So begins the first of at least three drawings in gold ink using a chopstick and laying in a quick wash.

   So I present #1.  The ink blobbed in places, sometimes I had to resharpen the point or use the chewed end.  It's an original!!! Maybe someone you know my like a small gift for Christmas.

           $35.00   plus S&H


Miriam M. Hughes said...

Love love love love it!

Lou Belcher said...

Love this one.... It's so soft...