My Muse

My Muse

Sunday, October 9, 2011


     Since Fergus went to the Bridge I seem to be working with his face more than ever.  I have always loved this image of him swimming, never leaving a ball behind. 
      We are going today to visit his parents. His Mum is 15 years old and Dad is 13. Their human said Fergus looked just like his Mum.  Not sure how I will be emotionally, but to touch that hair, see that face old, will be very special.  So I'll have swollen eyes at the Sports Bah watching the Patriots,. haha, It will be so worth it.

   This piece is torn paper on the face and part of the water then I have used acrylic paint and Fabric gel medium along with it.  I fell in love with this technique after taking a worksop with .Elizabeth St. Hilaire
but I needed to find my own voice rather than be a copy of hers. I think I may have accomplished this.

    The artwork is 20" x 16" on board using painted papers and Golden Acrylics.  Collectors will have a 20% discount so please contact ME
        $625.00 plus S&H

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