My Muse

My Muse

Sunday, August 5, 2012


I just posted this to my wordpress blog. I am so lax on that and it's connected to Kindle. Egads.  Anyway, this is a part of it to let you know what is happening. Sophie is still fighting. She knows I give her the meds and now she won't take anything from me. Roger has to do it.  You would think I was trying to poison her. To her I may just be doing that. sigh. She still likes to come with me to the studio and sulks if she's left behind. Our vet thinks that is what's keeping her going. :-) My Muse.

"I wonder what the Universe has for us. Sophie is my Muse, the reason I paint Labs. What do I do when she goes? After the torrent of tears I stopped and needed to be her “mum”. She’s here doing well. I take her to my studio daily which she loves to do.

We had an article written this past week about us which was fun. It.s about Sophie!

Florida Today Article about Sophie and me.

My goals? Now, to become a damn good plein air artist, get rid of all the “stuff”, buy an RV and travel with Roger, Sammy and Ozzie. I’ll still do Lab and dog commissions but I’m feeling a change coming on.

We have a goal of a year.  So I guess this blog now will be the daily paintings and ruminations of getting ready to live a simple life and painting my way across America.

When we moved to Florida, we had no jobs, no savings. Just enough after the sale of our condo to buy this house. Roger got a job on the last day of the month and our first mortgage payment was due. With everyone else, the economy going down took us with it putting our house underwater.  Fergus illness last year set us back a bit more but we always believe that the Universe (God) gives us what we need when we need it.

So we “put it out there” and I have new students coming for classes and a commission to paint a mural in a bathroom.  It’s in the works! We just have to keep the faith. Now I understand what my mother meant.

I search and research RV’s every day. We have no savings, no retirement, so the Universe has it’s work cut out. LOL. Do I believe we can do this..YES!!!

If you have any input let me know.

Back to read about living a free life on the road!!!!


Cathi Isza said...

Great post Sheila, I'll be watching for you in the art circuit with an RV with a lab painted on the side!

Max the Quilt Cat said...

Yes, you will do this. I know you will. It's going to all come together for you... xoxo Lou

oops! I think I'm signed in as Max right now. Well, he agrees with me so I guess it's okay. Hugs