My Muse

My Muse

Sunday, August 26, 2012

New Title, New Art, Ad Sense and a New Club

As I sit here watching the rain fall and listen to Sophie snore, I changed a few things on my blog. Not sure how long I will have Ad Sense or I need to figure how to minimize ads, lol. They just pop up in strange places.

A dear friend, Michael, suggested I name my journey :"A Sojourn For Sophie" since she will always be with me. I liked that.  Years ago I had a friend Medium do a reading for her and he said she's been in my "Lives' many times and always a black dog.  I knew that.

I added a "Painting America Club" . $50.00 for one year with fun things. Check out the info in the box ,top right corner of this blog.

Ok..time to do more laundry and some art. The hurricane isn't near us here on the east coast but we get spirts of rain every so often and more tomorrow!!

See you tomorrow!!! Stay safe.


Cathi Isza said...

Sheila, I think that title is awesome. In memory of Sophie after she's gone. Sad news is that unfortunately their little lives are temporary...but doing this in memory of her would be for as long as you do it.
Love you two, love black labs and love what your medium said!
Cathi xo

Lou Belcher said...

Great changes, Sheila.... Love it.

Sheila Wedegis said...

Thank you Lou and Cathi!!!