My Muse

My Muse

Saturday, September 1, 2012


Saturday! My alarm went off at 7 am and I hit the snooze button for it to go off 5 minutes later. Seriously? 5 minutes?? Oh well. Sophie needed her meds and her breakfast and I needed to get ready to go to my studio for a 9am class.
Shower and out the door to Dunkin Donuts for my iced coffee then I'm set. I finished a commission painting yesterday and was pleased and my three hour class went great.


I arrived home around 1 pm and Roger and I took off to yes, Dunkin for another iced coffee then to Viera to the wet lands. It was hot but a cool breeze kept us comfy, so we walked 2 miles around the area taking pictures of the different variety of birds. I, however, saw cows and a bull on the other side of the area and took some great photos of them.  Roger takes his photos in RAW (???) so he needs to help me switch them to jpg tomorrow so I can show them to you.  I'm excited since I can use them Monday night for my class in Viera for landscape images. After the wetlands we took a different road which takes you to a reservation where you can hike to the St John river basin and also a fantastic place for me to do plein air painting of Florida for my "Painting Across America" journey. A start!!! 

The day ended with Roger and I getting frozen yogurt then coming home to play with the Labs! GREAT DAY!!!


Sharon Whitley said...

What a coincidence I've just finished a commission of two golden labs and one of them was called Harvey - take a look at my page if you'd like to see it, this one is in graphite though not my usual watercolour. Your painting of Harvey is gorgeous, your customer must be thrilled! Glad you had a great day!

Sheila Wedegis said...

Thank you Sharon! ILOVE your drawing of the two golden Labs. This commission is actually heading to Scotland. We were there last year to visit a friend who runs Lab Rescue Scotland in Wick that covers the UK. Met sooo many great people and now chat on facebook all the time.
Are you on FB??

Miriam Hughes said...

I never saw this one! I love love love love it. Can you paint all my dogs?