My Muse

My Muse

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Life Is So Fragile...But You Know That

Wednesday and I teach all day. I arrive at my studio about 8am to prepare my morning class and open the back classroom.  Have the remaining spot of coffee and maybe breakfast. The first student arrive at 9 am.
Today was a fun day of first doing a painting of a still life using yellows,oranges and reds. Shadows were to be painted using light blue.

One of the students ,also and artist, started to tell me about a mutual friend and artist who is now in the hospital possibly being diagnosed with lung cancer.  My other friend and studio mate has been dealing with her partner having a heart attach then being re-admitted  for pains.  
Then I had lunch and my afternoon class started. One of the students is a delightful older woman. 85.Sharp and creative. As she was leaving she told me she was ready to die. Her bones are brittle and she didn't feel she was needed. I gave her a hug and kissed her cheek. I need her.

Sophie going to the Bridge, another friends Lab has cancer, another having surgery in the morning. Is it the age I am at or are things changing faster.? Everything seems to be happening so quickly and so sudden I feel overwhelmed and realize that I have to stop putting off telling people I care about how I feel about them, though I always do. 

Hug more, put your arm in your friends arm more, smile, laugh, kiss your dogs nose more, the plans you are thinking about for vacation? Do it!! Life is as fantastic as you make you want it to be. 

Did I tell you that I appreciate you and think you are great!!!!?? You are to me.!!!

Warmly, Sheila 


Sharon Whitley said...

I agree wholeheartedly how many of us put off doing things because - we haven't the time, or the money, my mum is always saying, when I retire I'll do this and that - and I say to her - do it now!!!! because none of us know what is around the corner, bless you!

Lou Belcher said...

Great blog post. Yes, do it now!!! I apreciate and think you're great too.

Miriam M. Hughes Dog Trainer and Canine Artist said...

Love this post. I love you too!

Jim said...

Sheila!!! I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOUR ART! I LOVE YOUR DOGS! I Guess I'm just a "sucker' for Labs of all types AND colors! Like now, for instance, after losing all of "Da Boyz" in the last 4 years I now am the "Alpha" for a "WESTIE-LAB" named Angus MacDuff----DUFFIE. But you know all of this. there are times that I feel as if we were "TWINS" but from different mothers!!
Our lives run very parallel at times, except I could not draw "flys"! Much less paint all the beauty that you capture. Please know that Fergus, Sophie, Hogan, Sam, Beej, Bruno and oh so many more are waiting for us all at "Rainbow Bridge" Any time you need to "talk' let me know, OK?--Yooper Jim