My Muse

My Muse

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Sophie October 30,1999 - September 11,2012
Hi everyone,

Today at about 3:15pm, my Muse and faithful companion, Sophie passed to the Bridge. She stopped eating last night and wouldn't take her pain pill this morning.  The mass was growing quickly.

My mother was incredibly strong. I never saw her cry but twice. Then she splashed flour on her eyes to take away the redness so no one knew. This past week I prayed to her to give me that strength so I could let Sophie go and she did. I have to say I was steel. Of course I told Roger not to talk to me about the inevitable and I wasn't answering phone calls so that helped. I was steel until I got to the vets.

Our vet gave Sophie a sedative but I told him I was the one who needed it. She laid down and put her head on my knee as I was sitting beside her. Roger had his hand on my shoulder. I took her face and kissed her nose and told her I loved her and a job well done. Her passing was peaceful.

I thought it would have been awful but her suffering with the cancer outweighed my pain of loss. I wanted to stay with her, I wanted to take her home...we left and hugged outside and sobbed. Then drove to the beach, got ice cream and sat on the wall watching the waves and feeling the loss of our beloved Girl.

Our hearts are heavy and tears are flowing...but she is pain free and running with our Fergus.

Thank you all for your support and I know Sophie is telling me to get back to work!!!


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Murray's Mouth said...

I had to go back and read about your Sophie girl. As tears stream down my face I can literally "feel" your love and tremendous loss of her. Your art, in honor of Sophie your muse, is all the more touching knowing this story. She was truly blessed to have you as her mom.