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My Muse

Saturday, September 8, 2012


Well this morning I had a student and we did drawing for an hour then painting in acrylic. I strongly believe if you can't SEE and draw what you see, you will have a tough time getting things onto canvas. What are the angles? The spacial relationship from one object to another?  After doing a drawing I pointed out light area in an eyeball and my student never saw it and was amazed that I did.  Good lesson.

Then I drove to our favorite RV dealer Larry and picked up some artwork I wanted for my studio. Roger and I go back and forth trying to decide, 34'? or 37". Not much difference you would think but in an RV 5th is. So Larry let me wander once more through both sizes.  This time though, after reading so many books on what to look for, I noticed the worn rug and comfy chairs making them now not so comfy. I thought "replacement" $$.  No island in the kitchen and the living room couch was across from the stove. Hmm.  The 37' RV also had some wear on the rug and chairs but had a nice kitchen design.  The bathroom was "downstairs" (they have stairs going up to the bedroom) and had a washer/dryer. Not bad.  Queen size bed in the slide out.

We found on line RV called Open Range. One, a 37' 5th wheel, has the bedroom in back and where the bedroom usually is was a walk up living room. Huge windows.  Ceiling fans an an optional patio. Ok guys....that;s the one we are letting the Universe know about.  Check out The Open Range 38'

Today's RV art offering is 12" x 6" Open Acrylic on stretched canvas,ready to hang and painted on all sides.

I can see this hanging on the wall in your kitchen or even the bedroom.  Even in your non RV home. :-)
Thanks for stopping by!!! Warmly, Sheila

                                                                       $100.00 Shipping Included

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