My Muse

My Muse

Monday, December 17, 2012


  Well I really doubt the Mayan Calendar was correct seeing how we have leap years and they weren't considered. So in 4 more days we hopefully all still be attached to the earth by gravity and not a rope.

  Thankfully I didn't run about spending.  In fact I have been quite frugal.  I am making things for family as gifts or some paintings to give as gifts from them.  That's where my painting today comes in.

  My daughter's friend recently lost her beloved Chocolate Lab. 14 1/2.  I know Sophie went to greet him, or at the very least had Fergus bring Sawyer to her since she is the Queen!

  Sawyer is painted on canvas that is mounted on masonite. Luckily I recently bought a square frame and it fit perfectly!  The red doesn't quite show up in places on the screen but there are bright streaks right out of the tube which just make the chocolate fur yummy.

Hope you like it!!

Warmly, Sheila

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