My Muse

My Muse

Friday, December 7, 2012


  Well the new web site is off and running and I get to see how many people see it daily. In just one day it's been amazing!!!  I am thrilled!

  So let me show you what I posted today!! I had been working on this large bird on and off in my class so people could see my technique.  I never really finish anything in the classes so I just stash it in my studio.  Since we had an open house this past weekend I decided to finish him. I overheard a comment that " all she does is dogs?"  so I was determined to show other work.


I call him "The Guardian"  24 x 24 framed ,ready to hang, acrylic on stretched canvas.  You may find him on my newer web site..Right here!

Enjoy....heading to the couch again, still re-cooping from a sinus infection...sigh...Labs are awaiting!!!

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