My Muse

My Muse

Monday, December 31, 2012


 Well we made it. Now we can look forward to a new year and great exciting things.  Now that Sophie has become my Spirit Muse I am expecting quite a bit of new work to be shown here!

  My hint for a successful year, say your gratitude's out loud and give thanks. Then watch magic happen!!!

Thank you all for being friends, for following my "rantings" and keeping abreast of my artwork. I am grateful for all of you!!!


Friday, December 21, 2012


Auspicious title don't you say Sheila?  I suppose, but let me tell you why I say it.

  December 21, 2012, the end of the Mayan calendar and Doomsday has been the conversation in the news for the past year.  Some people believed it and prepared. Others wrote about the ascension of our consciousness. That's the path that I seemed to feel more strongly about and read more about that.

  So, as you may know, the year ended last year as we lost our Chocolate boy Fergus to cancer then this year our sweet cat Blue. June brought the horrid news that my beloved Sophie too had cancer and I was loosing her. Our financed were being stretched but I kept going, painting and wishing.  On Sept 11, Sophie went to the Bridge and no mater how I tried I couldn't seem to get out of my down hill spiral. My Grand Cherokee needed a new water pump, then new tires.  Every time it seemed I parked at my studio a new nail was sucked into the treads.  Then of course, bills, insurances and end of year expenses to keep afloat kept coming in..  This all accumulated in a sinus infection that wouldn't quit.

   I need to stop grieving, I needed to get positive.  During the year I found a book about Gratitude. I wrote things that I was grateful for down in a book and life started to turn but then as I do, stopped because it was allot of work. Too much concentration.

  Christmas approaching I started to get that depression once more.  I picked up the book and started to re read. Hmm.  As I drive to the studio this past Wednesday,  I said out loud,  "I am so thankful and grateful to be seeing that beautiful water".  I drive adjacent to the inter-coastal waterway and  for the rest of the 15 minute drive I continued talking out loud and saying all that I was thankful for!  Ok, this is where my world starts ending.  That afternoon I received a request for a commission. I was thrilled. Thursday morning I drove again bright and early repeating my gratitude's aloud all the way. I was feeling good.  Painting non stop til the piece was down and actually shipped it to the person and I was happy again.  Said a quick gratitude for that and at 6:30 pm got a call from our vets office saying that someone had dropped off two Labrador Retriever collectible plates. They felt they had no room for them and the first person they thought of was me and would I like them. YES!  (and they are gorgeous) One is a Black and Chocolate Lab sitting together. Perfect. Gratitude.  Then, about an hour later a loud bang on the door, UPS dropping packages.  Two I expected but not the heavy third package. To my complete surprise, friends and long time Collectors, sent me a case of wine from their local winery in Missouri.  Gratitude and total surprise.

  Has it ended? The call from my last commission telling me it was fantastic made my year and off I went today to get my hair official done in a salon! Many gratitude's spoken aloud on the way. I got home feeling happy about my new do and that the world really didn't end and opened the mail box to find a package from Scotland!!

   My friend and also a Collector, Elaine, made this beautiful Rosette Ribbon in memory of Sophie.  Pink was Soph's color and the Tartan is perfect since I love Scotland.  I am so very very touched. I so want to actually wear it it so beautiful!!!!

   I then started to think how wonderful I was feeling and so blessed and thought, AHA..that's what it all means. It IS the end of one world and the beginning of a beautiful new one!! There is so much magic in the air right now and I am looking forward to a wonderful prosperous New Year with my family, my Labs, my friends and my artwork. What more could I ask for this Christmas!!

   Wishing you all the same Magic and all the same Blessings!!!! (And I think the key is saying them out loud. When I write my mind drifts..hahaha!!!)

   Warmly, Sheila

Monday, December 17, 2012


  Well I really doubt the Mayan Calendar was correct seeing how we have leap years and they weren't considered. So in 4 more days we hopefully all still be attached to the earth by gravity and not a rope.

  Thankfully I didn't run about spending.  In fact I have been quite frugal.  I am making things for family as gifts or some paintings to give as gifts from them.  That's where my painting today comes in.

  My daughter's friend recently lost her beloved Chocolate Lab. 14 1/2.  I know Sophie went to greet him, or at the very least had Fergus bring Sawyer to her since she is the Queen!

  Sawyer is painted on canvas that is mounted on masonite. Luckily I recently bought a square frame and it fit perfectly!  The red doesn't quite show up in places on the screen but there are bright streaks right out of the tube which just make the chocolate fur yummy.

Hope you like it!!

Warmly, Sheila

Thursday, December 13, 2012


  I know, what came over me?? Hahaha...It was the start of a lesson in one of my classes that I teach.  I had a reference photo of this cat in full light and said.."hmm, what if we just put him in a strong highlight and have the background dark."  Voila'!  In actuality he has more contrast. One of these days I'll get Photoshop and photography correct    Not too far off though!

To see him on my web site click on the link. Oh..and feel free to browse around the site to see my other work and my latest blog on To Niche or Not to Niche.

Hope you like this!! Warmly, Sheila

Sunday, December 9, 2012


 Roger and I went to my studio both days.  Can you say tired?  I have commissions to finish and ship and wanted to do smaller pieces for my site. Now we are home, soup is on and all I want to do is hit the couch and snug with the Labs. Can you say tired once again?

   Not sure if it is what I had in my mind when I started. sigh. It's on my web site now but you never know when I could repaint the whole piece.  Thoughts??

Warmly, Sheila

Friday, December 7, 2012


  Well the new web site is off and running and I get to see how many people see it daily. In just one day it's been amazing!!!  I am thrilled!

  So let me show you what I posted today!! I had been working on this large bird on and off in my class so people could see my technique.  I never really finish anything in the classes so I just stash it in my studio.  Since we had an open house this past weekend I decided to finish him. I overheard a comment that " all she does is dogs?"  so I was determined to show other work.


I call him "The Guardian"  24 x 24 framed ,ready to hang, acrylic on stretched canvas.  You may find him on my newer web site..Right here!

Enjoy....heading to the couch again, still re-cooping from a sinus infection...sigh...Labs are awaiting!!!

Thursday, December 6, 2012


I do get allot of traffic to my Lab Art website, but now with this newer web site, you will also get to see other art that I do.   And here it is!!!  New Website

I'm not giving up my my Lab site, but this new site offers to be open to more viewers. One needs to expand because I'll be Running across America behind someone else's RV if I don't step up and re group. hahaha.

I figure that maybe the 2% out there just may peek onto Fine Artists Sites Online and may just decide that.."wow..." they need a Lab painting!!!

So, visit, sign up for newsletters etc..if nothing else we can have a giggle!!!

Thanks, Sheila