My Muse

My Muse

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Ormond Beach, Florida at Sunrise

9" x 12" x 1" acrylic on stretched canvas

What? No Lab? Still not too late. There was a man strolling along the beach but left him out. I found he didn't add anything to the composition. We painting this subject last evening in my acrylic class at the Art Gallery of Viera and everyone did fantastic. Painting with a knife is so foreign.  You need to learn how to hold it, and then, what to do with it to get the paint on the canvas.  There is a happy medium where you don't apply too much or too little. Unless of course you have that in your plan.

I had everyone paint the foreground with a brush so it would give a quiet smooth appearance. One student did paint the man in and the reflection of him walking was wonderful, however, my man and another students man looked like a scene from Dante's Inferno. Man was removed!!! hahaha.

The reference image was from a photo taken by my husband Roger while we were staying at a beach front hotel during my exhibit at the Ormond Memorial Museum this past summer. So much fun!

$425.00 S&H included plus framed with lovely frame to enhance the image.

framed in a black floater frame!

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