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My Muse

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Still In Search Of The Perfect RV

 So we still are in search of.. Last weekend we had an RV weekend at our local Mall here in Melbourne.  After teaching my morning Saturday class, Roger and I went to see about 50 odd Class A , Class B and 5th wheels.

Our thought on exploring a Class A, the large bus type all encompassed RV, would be we would all be in one vehicle and possibly tow a smaller car.  In my research I read that people preferred side entry to the RV, but these had front entry right into the driving area.  So our search began.

All on one level. As soon as I saw wall to wall carpeting it was a definite no. Dark cabinetry and small windows or dimly lit vehicles were also out.  We squished ourselves through the back hallway to the bedroom which also seemed cramped. I did find some nice showers that had high placed shower heads for us so we wouldn't have to do yoga moves to get clean.  Ok, the Class A with wall to wall shiny marble floors???... Leather seats??? Beautiful but needless to say beyond our price line and white leather and Labs..ah..not so much.

My knees were achy at this point. Haha..up and down in and out. Florida homes usually do not have stairs. So, on to the Class B section.

They are more condensed, driving like a regular small SUV or truck. On entering our first one we found we were just standing with very little room. It was lovely and perfect for two people but not two people who were artists and had two large Labradors.  On to the 5th wheels.

Oh I so love the split level of these towable vehicles.  Larger windows, comfy living room feel with a large kitchen and stairs to the bedroom. I was wary of the plastic type shower door on some. I heard rattling. Similar feeling in the larger Class A's. The RV's we went into now had larger living space and more room actually in the bedroom.  Headroom in shower perfect with plenty of room to move my arms around. The beds were long enough and comfy. One bathroom had a garden tub. In didn't try that one, I'd still be there. Haha...great though for my grandchildren! Well the younger two!

A few had light woodwork...loved it. Overhead fans. Rolling island in the kitchen. (yes, you are hearing which way we are leaning)

They didn't have an Open Range 5th wheel there and that's one that we would like to see. The 34' one had an optional patio. How perfect that would be. I could have my morning coffee, watching the sun rise over the desert with the Labs and think of what I'd like to paint that day...with Lab. Paintings always look better with a Lab in it!!  (thank you to my friend Ray)

So, there you have our latest research!  We saw a man entering to look over the RV's as we were leaving and he had his yellow Lab in tow. Great idea! It will be his home too.

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Miriam Hughes said...

Exciting shopping trip! I always liked the huge ones, but the reality of a small space is actually good. Just bring art supplies, cameras, computers and dogs. : )