My Muse

My Muse

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


This is a 10" x 10" start of an oil painting on copper.  One of my scenes from Scotland this past July. I may add a Lab, of course, but I wanted you to see my beginning process. I worked on this this afternoon while I had my students painting away on their projects. I jump up and down to see how they are progressing then return to paint.

Thank you to all who kindly sent best wishes about my Soph. It was so very much appreciated. I really couldn't talk much today, just sad, even though I feel her Spirit with me all the time. One day I had a home massage. My face was down the "hole" and of course Sophie had to come and see what I was doing.  She came under the front of the table, looked up and started licking my face, then stopped and smiled, then licked again.

Today I had a  massage and opened my eyes and smiled. I couldn't see her but I just know she wouldn't miss an opportunity like that!!

So, again, thank you!!! (xoxox)  It meant the world!!

Warmly, Sheila

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