My Muse

My Muse

Friday, October 18, 2013


Here's the new Pack.  After a few days of Sammy growling and chasing Lola, I finally remembered how I trained Sophie. Just like her Lab Mother would have!

It's an interesting way of training since you really do act like their mum. When she bit, I would put my mouth on her muzzle and let a low growl come from me. Then I would "nip" her muzzle meaning it's all good, I love you.   I know, crazy visual , but it works.

This morning as Lola started coming across the floor, I heard Sam start the growl and I was tired. I took his collar and let a long serious growl come from me. (I'.m good) He froze and started at me as I continued. Finally he had a submissive look and I stopped.  Then came the little "kiss" . Watch your guys sometime if they have a small tiff or just take something away from the other. They will come back and do a quick muzzle to muzzle.

This morning I became the Alpha. At least to Sammy. Ozzie already knew. When Lola comes over to me I grab a handful of her back neck hair and give it a shake saying good girl. Affection and showing my dominance in a small way. Oh yes I've been re reading non stop.  But I have to say Lola's personality is lovely!!

I may have to growl at Sam when he's tired but I have to say from 7am til now, (12:44 pm) all is well in the household!!

 Paintings next week!!! Oh ya..I still do that!!! hahaha!

Warmly, Sheila

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