My Muse

My Muse

Friday, December 13, 2013


Magnolia Blooms
Oil On Copper
8" x 8" Framed

A plein air piece that I started the other day. I stayed home for a few days so Lola could re acquaint herself with the house and pack. We didn't realize we left for Thanksgiving vacation too soon after she came to us and it caused insecurities. Meaning she and Sam had a couple of tiffs. All is well.

So, Friday the 13th...I lost my glasses!! They have totally disappeared and I'm in a panic.  I were them all the time and I'm looking everywhere. A good note, in my search I found my lost thumb drive with a zillion pics on it!!  But alas, that does not help me see!!!

We have been busy bees trying to get the house organized and sell stuff. A motorhome won't take all this stuff.  I'm excited to do this! A new adventure, a new start of a new life on the road.  So keep watching because I'll be lowering prices to sell.  I have my eye on one particular vehicle.  Thought at first it would be 38' then re thought. That's one LOOONG baby. Now thinking with the slide outs we just might be fine in a 36' motorhome. With the dogs we will be outside walking them and adventuring allot.  Painting on location and having fun. Oh myyyy! :-)

$350.00 S&H included


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