My Muse

My Muse

Friday, October 18, 2013


Here's the new Pack.  After a few days of Sammy growling and chasing Lola, I finally remembered how I trained Sophie. Just like her Lab Mother would have!

It's an interesting way of training since you really do act like their mum. When she bit, I would put my mouth on her muzzle and let a low growl come from me. Then I would "nip" her muzzle meaning it's all good, I love you.   I know, crazy visual , but it works.

This morning as Lola started coming across the floor, I heard Sam start the growl and I was tired. I took his collar and let a long serious growl come from me. (I'.m good) He froze and started at me as I continued. Finally he had a submissive look and I stopped.  Then came the little "kiss" . Watch your guys sometime if they have a small tiff or just take something away from the other. They will come back and do a quick muzzle to muzzle.

This morning I became the Alpha. At least to Sammy. Ozzie already knew. When Lola comes over to me I grab a handful of her back neck hair and give it a shake saying good girl. Affection and showing my dominance in a small way. Oh yes I've been re reading non stop.  But I have to say Lola's personality is lovely!!

I may have to growl at Sam when he's tired but I have to say from 7am til now, (12:44 pm) all is well in the household!!

 Paintings next week!!! Oh ya..I still do that!!! hahaha!

Warmly, Sheila

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Oh my gosh!!! Who is that?? Well here's the story! 

For a year I have been mourning the loss of my Sophie. I'd look at Lab pups and search for her face. Nope.

I felt Soph pushing but I pushed back and would say..Not yet Soph.  So yesterday I was at my studio when an artist friend came in. She had recently lost her Newfoundland ,also named Sophie and had adopted a year old Newfie from a rescue. Finding out that she was prey driven and having two older smaller dogs she feared for their safety. Plus the paws on this girl are huge!!

Dee was taking a shower when my name popped into her head. We are convinced our girls got together and put a notion into Dee's head. Roger and I decided to meet her. Ozzie took right to her , Lola, but Sammy needed to growl and bark.  Lola stayed as we said we'd try it out. We all sat outback til midnight giving everyone room. Then we all slept. Lola in the hallway, the boys on our bed. Today, Ozzie loves Lola, Sammy only has given a small Gr. I say" Sammy NO" calmly and assertively. A few minutes ago they walked side by side out the back door. 

Lola, (yes please feel free to sing) was kept in a crate for most of her first year or tied up. She is afraid of noises, sudden moves, water and the boys. This morning she and Ozzie ran around the yard. A good start! 

Me? I am totally in love. As Roger said to me, "She's Sophie"  Quiet, shy, afraid. She needs you and you need her!  And so it begins. A new love artwork. 

Edwin Landseer, an English artist, painted this breed and so they are referred as Landseer Newfoundland dogs.

Lola is a chocolate and white! As I was just looking up an image to show you of Landseer's painting I just had quite a shock. My Mum had a print hung in a fantastic old frame hanging at our cottage on Cape Cod that I loved for years. She would always say the dog saved the little girl and I adored the picture.

Hanging now in my livingroom!!! I just got chills!!! 
The painting is called "Saved"

So, soon you will hear more about our new girl, the Labs and new artwork!!! Oh the possibilities!!

Thank you Sophie!!! xoxoxo