My Muse

My Muse

Friday, February 28, 2014


 "Close To Dinner"

I swear I may take the worst photos at times. So need to do this one over. Sigh.

I also think I need to take better track of what the names are and the prices. LOL  Oh well. 
I'm so focused on getting things moved out, so I can, so I just put it on. 

I love these cows. They are on copper and framed. Right now it's  3" wide black frame but I think I may change it to a gray! Or, keep it black but add a gold line on the frame. 

So the weekend is here. Cape Canaveral is having it's seafood festival so I think we're going. On the way is an RV place with allot of used rigs. I'm sure we'll stop and check it out as we go. 

How's the search going?? Well so far every one I love is out of our financial reach.  So far!! 

A favor...on the top right of the blog is a tab for Amazon. If you click on it I may get pennies into my account. Hey who knows?? That RV may be x amount of dollars and 2 pennies!!! You'll have helped!! 

So March is tomorrow. I'm thinking of doing a painting a day and selling it for 100.00 each no matter the size. (Probably 6x6 or maybe an 8x10)  Need to get in gear if I do this eh?

Have a birthday coming! Excited. Roger got tickets top see Michael Bolton.  (He'll have been drinking before hand, Roger not MB) Really not a fan but what a gift for me.

Going to think now..Warmly, Sheila

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